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as Michele Campione has written in his preface in one of the artist's publications

In Maria Pia Scoli's paintings it's possible to find moments and interpretative aspects of realty with a special attention of the social, of man's role, at his presence in tradiotional or new work activities, and at the realation with nature.

A sort of calendar updated with "Works and Days" dear to the Exodus.

A conceptual 'figure' which becomes the most important fact for the artist's activity. [...]

A social realism which makes use of colour with the utilization of an invisible but recognizable pointillism.

So that the rims, the contrasting colours, figures and shadows, appear nearly faded, urged by the compositive taste more than the expressive analysis. [...]

The rhythm might be the scenes of a popular ballad narrated in the noise of the village fete, the painting of the background throughout the succession of perspective levels is always correct and essential.

The artist's sensibility always manages to harmonize the different components, to photograph the reality that mostly enchants and interests her.

The realism in Maria Pia Scoli's painting becomes therefore a magic one, the key to understand an irreplaceable referent, man with his history



Maria Pia Scoli is born in Marche in the early 50's.

She paints from the second half of the 60's, after following the teaching of the the Leghorn painter Carlo Dominici, one of the last painters attached to the Macchiaioli's tradition, which was present in his early years at the Biennial Exhibition of Venice.

The public activities count, for her personal decision, only appointments of great importance in Italy and overseas, as for the ones at Palazzo San Filippo of Ascoli and Galleria Comunale at Pesaro, at the "Capitolium" Prize in Villa Marignoli at Rome, the exhibitions at the Diocesan Museum of Jesi and the Egyptian Embassy of Rome, as for the announcement at the Centre de Documentation of the Marsiglia Museum and the prize "Artist Of The Year at Porto Venere".


From 2003 to 2015 Maria Pia wanted to explore new horizons about interior grow and technical drawing... which led to a new creativity of today's work ..

11 Settembre 2004

Cromatismi di Luce

Novembre 2003

Galleria Comunale Di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Le stanze di Eros

Dicembre 2002

Diocesi di Jesi, Museo Diocesano
Giobbe L'Uomo

Settembre 2002

Ambasciata della Repubblica Araba d'Egitto ~ Roma

Luglio 2002

Collettiva - Galleria "Il Gianicolo"

Giugno 2002

Salsomaggiore Terme

Aprile 2002

Villa Ormond ~ Sanremo

Gennaio 2002

Centre de Documentation, Ernest Goldschmidt ~ Museo di Marsiglia

Settembre 2001

Mostra - Galleria dei Soldati ~ Roma

Settembre 2001

Galleria Malatestiana ~ Rimini

Luglio 2001

Atelier Dell'Arco Amoroso ~ Ancona

Marzo 2001

Galleria Comunale ~ Pesaro

Febbraio 2001

Metropolitan Museum of art of New York
Catalogo in archivio

Febbraio 2001

Museo Civico di Zoologia ~ Roma
Prima rassegna Internazionale d'Arte Animalista, partecipazione concorso BlackBuck

Dicembre 2000

Civitanova Marche
Fiera di arte contemporanea

Dicembre 2000

Banca Naz. Lavoro "Telethon 2000" ~ Fermo

Novembre 2000

Galleria "Il Calendaio" ~ Firenze

Ottobre 2000

Palazzo San Filippo ~ Ascoli


Settembre 2003

XIV Premio Nazionale Cesare Pavese

Luglio 2003

Porto Venere
Premio Artista dell'Anno

Maggio 2001

Villa Marignoli - Roma
Premio "Capitolium"

Aprile 2001

Premio Italia per le Arti Visive

Aprile 2001

Premio Editoriale - Certaldo

Aprile 2000

Capraia Fiorentina
Premio Italia per le Arti Visive

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